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Movement is the key

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Any dys-function in the body is a result of stuck or stagnant energy being stored in the nervous system. At IPC we see this example every day when the brain goes from high tension to low tension, energy is released. If you utilise this energy through movement, for example stretching or moving ankles and wrists, the energy does not feed back into the nervous system, instead it is released. Each…

You can change your Story

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Are you present with the stories you are telling yourself about your life? The stories that define you and what you are capable of? Once we become present with these stories we can give them a new ending! What happened in our past does not have to define our future. Perhaps we can even change our perception of ‘our story’? We invite you to look for the ‘gifts’ in your…

The Defence Response (Part I)

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Let’s say we are driving down the road and we see a car coming at us, or an accident is imminent. Our brain will automatically process what to do next, how to get around the car or how to manage an impact and protect yourself. Your body tenses, shoulders hunch and your head will move forward instantaneously in preparation of the impact or what we call “Defence Physiology” which is…

The Defense Response – Associated Consciousness (Part II)

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The defense response is first learn’t in the womb and develops until about the age of 2, with very few stories, beliefs or languages linked to it. As you grow and develop throughout childhood, from learning to walk, how to talk and interact at school and experiencing different situations, you begin to develop stories to tie in to the stressful experiences whilst your body continues to utilise the exact same…

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