Every stress you experience throughout your life, your body will respond to. From the elation of being in love to the heartache of losing someone you love, from getting a promotion you have worked so hard towards to financial hardship of making ends meet. Our nervous system will develop a strategy in order to deal with the stress or success and each time the negative experience is not processed and resolved, the stress will be stored in the nervous system and manifest physically through the body in pain or discomfort.

Here at Infinite Potential Centre we work towards reconnecting every cell in the body, utilising the nervous system which governs our whole body. These communication pathways allow the body to identify areas where there is stored tension, and encourages re-organisation of the nervous system to facilitate healing and growth. Old strategies held within the nervous system that have resulted in discomfort are encouraged to reorganise, allowing you to develop new strategies that better serve the true essence of who you are.

Together with the physicality, we also work with the emotionality; the behavioural and physiological component of emotion.

This allows us to observe our emotional reactivity to any of life’s stresses, as this information is also held as tension along the spinal column musculature. The awareness that we help you to create then facilitates change, and we are able to change our patterns of emotional reactivity when faced with a challenging experience to a strategy more supportive for growth and expansion.