The Defense Response – Associated Consciousness (Part II)

The defense response is first learn’t in the womb and develops until about the age of 2, with very few stories, beliefs or languages linked to it. As you grow and develop throughout childhood, from learning to walk, how to talk and interact at school and experiencing different situations, you begin to develop stories to tie in to the stressful experiences whilst your body continues to utilise the exact same defense response. You may hear someone say something horrible or you may be told not to do something by your mum or dad.
These experiences we then integrate into our consciousness as a story of ‘we are not good enough’ or ‘we are not worthy’ or fears that we do not have enough in our life to function The system links a mental story in with the physical response. This is due to the fact that as young child, you have not yet developed the mental capacity or maturity to understand and process the stress as it happens. So every time the physiology responds to the stress, it triggers the same childhood response that “I am not good enough” or “I am not worthy”. This response interferes with the true essence of who we are.

You can keep changing the emotional and mental response to these experiences, but if we don’t change the bodies response to the stresses in our life, we are limited in our ability to change. Everybody has a natural mechanism to resolve any stored tension, including anything that has been held since childhood.

The work here at IPC helps facilitate these physiological changes within the nervous system, enabling you to develop new strategies that better serve the true essence of who you are.


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