Movement is the key

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Any dys-function in the body is a result of stuck or stagnant energy being stored in the nervous system.

At IPC we see this example every day when the brain goes from high tension to low tension, energy is released. If you utilise this energy through movement, for example stretching or moving ankles and wrists, the energy does not feed back into the nervous system, instead it is released. Each time tension is released through movement, you are getting closer to the resolution of the pattern stuck in your nervous system.

Have you ever felt the need to go for a walk to clear your head? This is an example of movement facilitating stuck energy, in this case a mental thought pattern.
Have you ever wondered why a swim in the ocean or a walk by it makes you feel more relaxed? Essentially, water is energy in motion and as the human body is between 75% and 95% water, being in contact with another large body of water encourages movement on a greater scale.

Here at IPC each concept we use as the basis for our work can be applied to the bigger picture. Our model of wellness is applicable to any area of Life, Healing and Growth. We aim to facilitate movement and encourage the natural flow of the body toward your full potential.

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