You can change your Story

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Are you present with the stories you are telling yourself about your life? The stories that define you and what you are capable of?
Once we become present with these stories we can give them a new ending! What happened in our past does not have to define our future. Perhaps we can even change our perception of ‘our story’?

We invite you to look for the ‘gifts’ in your his/herstory and see the perfection of all the events that have brought you to this moment and who you are now. Sometimes this is easier said than done. We can have physical anchors that lock us into our self-limiting stories.

The work we do here at IPC will help you to develop new strategies in your body/mind which loosen this hold. Then you are able to more effortlessly re-organise and resolve your relationship to past events, assisting you in moving forward in your life. From this place you can create the most Wonderful, Connected, Love filled, Expansive and Joyful continuation of ‘your story’.

The ending of your story is not fixed. What story do you choose to create for your life?

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