The Defence Response (Part I)

Let’s say we are driving down the road and we see a car coming at us, or an accident is imminent. Our brain will automatically process what to do next, how to get around the car or how to manage an impact and protect yourself. Your body tenses, shoulders hunch and your head will move forward instantaneously in preparation of the impact or what we call “Defence Physiology” which is a natural response for the body to protect itself, particularly the brain and spinal chord.

This defence physiology occurs when the nervous system feels threatened. It wants to pull everything in to protect the very gelatinous / sensitive structure of the nervous system. This evolutionary system has been around since the beginning of time with cave people, as a survival of the fittest strategy. This response creates a sense of greater awareness, opened up our sympathetic nervous system and increased circulation to our extremities so we can fight or flight.

This type of response was great for cave-man times, where a fight or flight response was required. But today we use this strategy for all types of stresses including emotional, chemical and physical. This results in tension being accumulated and stored within the body. Eventually pain or discomfort may present or dis-ease of some kind.

Unfortunately we live in a culture where pain or discomfort is seen as ‘bad’ and must be avoided. Pain is the body’s natural mechanism to identify an area where there is a lack of ease, whilst a fever is the body’s natural mechanism to kill pathogens within the system.
This culture leads to a disconnection from our body’s own innate ability to process and resolve stress naturally. Instead we are told to use pain-killers to numb pain or cold and flu-tablets to avoid fevers. These allopathic methods interfere with mind-body communication, whilst blocking the flow of natural healing processes.

Here at IPC, we show you how to develop different strategies to process stress. We encourage communication within the body between areas of ease, and areas where there is a lack of ease. Your body begins to work together to create a free flowing nervous system which enables you to make better quality decisions and develop optimum strategies with outcomes towards the life you desire.

This is not to say you will no longer experience stress in your life. You will continue to come into contact with chemical, emotional and physical stresses. But the new strategies being developed will allow your nervous system to process and resolve tension, instead of storing it. Once there is ease and grace within the body, this is when the magic happens.

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